Vous avez dit "récupération politique"... ?

A un tel niveau d'indécence, il doit forcément manquer plusieurs cases....

Chaque jour son lot de surprises....

La France est en deuil !

Même l'ancien Directeur de Charlie Hebdo a reconnu que les dessinateurs s'étaient trompés sur le risque encouru en dessinant ces caricatures....

Et Cabu de déclarer dans une interview, jeune et dans sa cuisine, que "l'humour était comme un poing dans la gueule". Il y a des malades qui vous tueront pour un poing dans la gueule...

Rétrospectivement, il fallait donc procéder différemment.

Eux sont morts pour pouvoir le mettre en pratique.

Mais avec deux neurones réglementaires, il faudrait réfléchir un peu sur ce qu'il faudrait changer dans son expression.

On voit bien que certains ne veulent rien changer dans leur manière de traiter les sujets et poursuivent les amalgames explosifs.... Ils ne viendront pas se plaindre le jour venu où il y aura un retour de bâton.......!

Je prends date.



 Which it's on a standard surface. Your pants evaluate an added couple of pounds, the lighter you evaluate the much better right?

Andrews could not be reached late yesterday for comment on the possible Hogan candidacy.More than two-thirds of the First hogan shoes District is in Camden County, including the city of Camden. Roughly a quarter of the district is in Gloucester County, with a small portion in Burlington County.Although hulk hogan merchandise the Republicans have made gains in the district's suburbs in recent years, the area remains a Democratic stronghold, and Andrews is widely considered a heavy favorite against any GOP opponent. He has appealed to Republicans with his votes against President Clinton's tax package.Republicans contend that Hogan can successfully compete for so-called Reagan Democrats whose predominant concerns are crime and the economy.They also assert that Hogan could benefit from hogan shoes outlet Andrews' close association with Norcross and the Camden County Democratic machine.
Should he accept, Hogan would represent the second coup pulled off by Whitman and the state GOP in the Camden-Gloucester County area this year. They already have reeled in Camden County Democratic hogan interactive Sheriff William E. Simon, a powerful vote-getter who changed parties to run for re-election because of a feud with Norcross."He's interested," said Camden County GOP Chairman Fred Fitchett, who has spoken with Hogan since the meeting in Whitman's office. Hogan, he said, is hogan boots trying to decide whether he can raise the necessary money and cut into Andrews' formidable base to run a legitimate campaign.
Riffey now is behind bars in lieu of $50,000 cash bail, charged with corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children, drug hogan sneakers delivery and related offenses."Supplying anyone with heroin is a potential death sentence," Hogan said. "Injecting children, including your own daughter, with heroin demonstrates a depravity that defies belief."Police discovered the scheme last Thursday, when they were called to Riffey's home for a well-being hogans shoes check, according to an affidavit. The teens told police Riffey injected them with heroin several times last month.
While Hogan has quietly reinvented himself as a DJ, Brooke has become a major on-air personality for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. She was set to hulk hogan shoes get married to her father's nemesis, Bully Ray, as part of a storyline on last week's episode of "Impact Wrestling" on Spike TV, but saw her wedding interrupted, as is mandatory during wrestling weddings.
"Both sides find some finality" with the settlement and brooke hogan 2015 "can start turning to other affairs," Allan Kanner, special counsel to the state attorney general, told the judge. "That's in the public interest, too."If citizens and interest groups can file unlimited appeals to settlements, he said, "then I think we have a problem hulk hogan store as well . . . in terms of getting these cases resolved."Kanner said an appeal might be reasonable if the groups had presented evidence of collusion or corruption, but that wasn't the case here.
Erickson, 61, had campaigned on the achievements of Small, hulk hogan shop a local political legend who served for 15 years. On the campaign trail, Erickson had offered no indication that he would run the sheriff's office any differently than his predecessor did. That approach clearly backfired."I don't like the trend," Erickson said watching the hogans early returns.Throughout the campaign for sheriff, Hogan had pounded away with charges of mismanagement, saying that the Democratic-controlled sheriff's department had failed to adequately supervise the jail, which has been victimized by several escape attempts and recurring vandalism.

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