June, 2006

Feasibility of a 4 star luxury, 80-115 suites hotel project on the French Riviera

Main features of the commercial business licence (Autorisation d'exploitation commerciale) required for the creation of a hotel of more than 30 rooms outside the Ile-de-France, which license must be obtained prior to any planning consent.

By Me. Francis MASSON, Avocat à la Cour

Caution: this note dates back to early June 2006, just before an Ordinance of June 8, 2006 and will be shortly updated of recent legal changes. The author therefore declines any liability for any obsolete legal references.

Although closely linked, as the planning permission application is subject to the prior registration of the hotel licence application with the CDEC, the applicable regulations are totally independent:

The planning application is subject to the Code of Urban Planning and the filing of a prior CDEC application, while the CDEC licence is subject to the Commercial Code.

The matter is even more complex, as the hotel business licence involves many public bodies and other regulations relating to competition, tourism, employment, regional development, construction and equipment, environment, etc.

The corresponding ministries or their departmental representatives must be closely consulted and give their opinion to the CDEC, before the latter reaches its decision. The mayor and the city hall are an important part of the decision-making process, but not the only one.

The applicable legal provisions are:

- Articles L. 720-1 to 11 of the French Commercial Code relating to commercial facilities under the heading "De l'équipement commercial", requiring a prior commercial business licence for the creation or extension of retail outlets, hotels and cinemas, creating a Commercial Facilities Commission in each Department (Commission Départementale d'Equipement Commercial, hereafter the "CDEC"), and specifying its composition and role, the economic criteria it must comply with in reaching its decision, the time periods to decide upon the application and the appeal before the National Commission called the "CNEC"; and,

- Decree No. 96-1018 of November 26, 1996, regarding the content of the licence application, the duration of the validity of the licence and sanctions.

Ministerial Orders ("Arrêtés") of January 15 and February 13, 1997, a general Circular of January 16, 1997 applicable to all commercial facilities, a specific Circular of February 25, 1997 applicable to hotels and a Circular of March 7, 2005 supplement the above-mentioned law and decree.

There may be changes introduced by a new draft law nr. 2383 "aiming at guaranteeing the balance between the different forms of businesses", sent by the Senate to the National Assembly on June 17, 2005, which will create interdepartmental commissions, enhance the quality criteria of town planning and environment and increase sanctions for violations of the law.

The purpose of these regulations, frequently amended since 1973, is to allow the growth of all forms of commercial businesses and to prevent the disorganised growth of new distribution channels from resulting in the collapse of small businesses, wasting of commercial facilities and harm to employment.

Global statistics published by the Ministry of Commerce relating to licences granted for all creations/extensions of retail outlets, hotels and cinemas in France during the period 1997-2004 indicate that about 80% of all licence applications were approved in the years 2001-2004 for an average area of 1,130 sqm.

We have not found CDEC statistics for the Var Department and only one positive decision (See Annex 2 hereto) of the National Commercial Facilities Commission dated December 16, 2004, which authorised the extension of a "Champion" supermarket from 1,200 m2 to 1,800 m2 in La Crau (Var).

For the Alpes-Maritimes (Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Grasse, etc...), we found CDEC statistics for 2005 and 2002.

During 2005, 26 licences (including 6 for hotel creations or extensions) were granted, 6 applications withdrawn and 3 refused, out of a total of 35 applications submitted to the CDEC.

No application for a hotel creation or extension was withdrawn or refused in 2005.

In 2002, 32 licences (including 6 for hotel extensions) were granted, 9 applications (including 1 hotel extension) refused and one subject to appeal before the CNEC, out of a total of 42 applications.

I/ The prior CDEC business licence for hotels

1.1. The licence

Under Article L. 720-5 I. 7° of the French Commercial Code, a business licence is required for new construction, extensions or transformations of existing buildings resulting in the creation of hotels (constitution d'établissements hôteliers) with a capacity exceeding 30 rooms outside the Ile-de-France and 50 rooms within the Ile-de-France.

See Annexes 1 and 3 for the definitions of a tourist hotel and tourist residence according to the Ministerial Order of February 14, 1986, as amended, and the hotel classification standards and procedures.

In a decision dated March 9, 1990, the Conseil d'Etat, the highest French administrative court, held that a business licence shall not be required for a tourist residence.

1.2. Time limit for delivering the licence

The CDEC has a period of 4 months from the date of the registration of the application to render its decision (Article L. 720-10 of the Commercial Code).

In the absence of a decision, the licence is deemed tacitly granted.

1.3. Scope of the licence – Motivation of the decision

The hotel business licence is granted or refused for:

- a specific hotel project, which the licence must describe, and a specific number of hotel rooms/suites and related facilities; the Ministerial circular of February 25, 1997 specifies that for suites, a room (une pièce) equals a sleeping-room (une chambre); and,

- The designated commercial name of the future operator.

The licence is granted or refused for the entire project and cannot be granted only for a part of it.

The decision must be motivated and refer, among other things, to the provisions of Articles L. 720-1 and L. 720-3 of the Commercial Code.

The January 16, 1997 circular specifies that restaurants are not subject to the CDEC commercial licence.

The hotel business licence must be delivered prior to the delivery of the planning consent.

1.4. Other public bodies involved

The licence application is filed with the Préfecture, which represents the Ministry of Interior at the Departmental level.

The application is examined by the Departmental Director of Competition and Consumption, the "DDCCRF", the anti-trust arm the Ministry of Finance, who prepares a report, gives the DDCCRF's opinion and obtains the opinions of:

-The Departmental Director of Equipment of the Ministry of Transportation, Equipment, Tourism and the Seas on the impact of the project in terms of regional development and the overall equilibrium of the area.

- The Departmental Director of Employment on the impact of the project in terms of employment.

- The Departmental Commission on Tourism ("CDAT"), which must give its report to the CDEC within 6 weeks from the date of its consultation by the Prefect.

This CDAT is composed of:

- Permanent members: the Regional Director for Tourism, the Departmental Director of Competition, a representative of the Departmental Committee of Tourism, the union of tourist offices, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce, Trades and Agriculture and of the consumers associations; and,

- 4 representatives of the hotel industry and 1 representing travel agencies.

The Regional Director of Tourism presents the opinion of the Departmental Commission on Tourism to the CDEC.

1.5. Obligations of the CDEC

In reaching its decision, the CDEC must first consider the global requirements of regional development, environmental protection, the quality of town planning, modernisation of the commercial facilities, etc.

The CDEC shall also:

- Have reference to the studies of the Departmental Commercial Facilities Monitoring Centre (Observatoire Départemental d'Equipement Commercial).

The missions of the Observatoire are to prepare an inventory of the commercial facilities in the Department with a sales area of more than 300 m2 for various business categories, review the evolution of the commercial facilities and conceive a Plan of Commercial Development (Schéma de Développement Commercial) for the Department.

The Observatoire of the Var Department issued in December 2002 a rather thorough report of 50 pages, with an analysis of the offer and demand, including the Fréjus-St-Raphaël area, (See hotel facilities, page 31, the preceding and following charts and the 2 annexes nos. 6 and 7) which may be consulted on the following link: "http://www.cdig-var.org/virtual/1/lots/ODEC%202002(1).pdf".

The Conseil d'Etat has cancelled several CDEC licences for not having taken the studies of the Observatoire into consideration.

- Obtain the prior written position of the Departmental Commission on Tourism; and,

- Applying the principles defined in Articles L. 720-1 and L. 720-2, take the following into consideration in making its decisions (Art. L. 720-3 II, III and L. 720-5 I 7°):

1. The overall supply and demand for each business sector in the commercial area concerned; the overall impact of the project on private-car and delivery-vehicle flows; the quality of public transport services or alternative means; the accommodation capacities for loading and unloading merchandise (These last 3 requirements were added by a law of December 13, 2000).

2. The density of supermarket and hypermarket outlets in the area.

3. The project's potential impact on the commercial and handicraft activities in the area and in the neighbouring towns and on the balance sought between the different sectors.

4. The project's likely impact in terms of salaried and unsalaried employment.

5. How competition operates within the commercial and handicraft sectors.

6. The density of hotel facilities in the area.

II/ Composition of the CDEC and right of access to the reports

The CDEC is presided over by the Prefect, who informs the CDEC of the Plan of Commercial Development in force in the Department.

The Prefect does not vote.

Outside of Paris, the CDEC is composed of the 6 following members:

- the mayor of the city where the hotel is to be located;

- the president of the public body for inter-municipal co-operation responsible for space planning and development;

- the mayor of the most densely populated municipality of the district;

- the president of the chamber of commerce and industry or its representative;

- the president of the chamber of trades or its representative; and

- a representative of the consumers associations in the department.

A least four positive votes are required.

The following persons also attend the meetings of the Commission, without the right to vote:

- the Prefect;

- the Departmental Director of Competition and Consumption;

- the Departmental Director of Employment;

- the Departmental Director of Equipment; and

- the Regional director of Tourism.

The applicant has a right of access to the reports of the various public bodies involved prior to the meeting of the CDEC and may be heard by the Commission at the applicant's request.

III/ Content of the CDEC licence application

Under Articles 18-2 of the Decree of March 9, 1993, amended by the Decree of November 26, 1996 and a Ministerial Order of January 15, 1997, the application must be filed in 13 copies and specify the following:

1/ Applicant

- Identity of the applicant, corporate name, purpose and address of the person or legal entity, certificate of incorporation filed with the Commercial Court;

- Capacity of the applicant: operator or future operator; owner or future owner of the constructions; developer.

2/ Information on the terms of completion of the project

- List of land parcels concerned by the project and plan from the land registry (cadastre);

- Title of ownership, option to buy or promise of sale, owner's authorisation for the planning application and construction, commercial lease or notary's certificate to that effect.

3/ Information on the project

A/ Location

- Address, present and future transportation infrastructures;

- Overall impact of the project on private-car and delivery-vehicle flows;

- Quality of the public transport services or potential alternative means;

- Accommodation capacities for goods loading and unloading.

B/ Description of the project

- Drawings with the proposed number of rooms/suites; description of past project(s) submitted for the same land and date(s) of previous decision(s).

C/ Terms and conditions of operations

- Commercial name of the future hotel with the written consent of the owner of such name;

- List of hotels operated under such name in the Department;

- Marketing network: information on the proposed marketing method and means;

-Classification: nature of the proposed classification in accordance with the February 14, 1986 Ministerial Order.

4/ Content of the impact study

A/ Delimitation of the area of future influence underlining the tourist interest, the economic activity, the flows linked to the means of communication (airports, highways, etc.) or other reasons for visiting and staying at the hotel, with documents such as a map of the area showing its limits and the city of location; statistics about present and expected tourists flows, business activities, infrastructures creating new flows and increasing the number of clients.

B/ Market description of the area

Provide available information about the existing demand, the level of offer compared to demand, the potential demand.

C/ List of existing hotels and other lodging facilities and new projects in the area

Specify the capacity and occupancy rates of existing hotels and hotels under construction (with expected capacity), as well as other existing and future lodging facilities, such as tourist residences, holiday villages.

D/ Expected annual turnover (VAT included) of the hotel project

E/ Reasoned estimate of the impact of the project upon the equilibrium of the area and existing activities

F/ Analysis of the anticipated consequences of the project on the job market

The analysis must indicate the full-time equivalent of salaried jobs to be created and the risks of the elimination of salaried and non-salaried jobs in the area.

G/ Means used to modernise and adapt the hotel facilities to the evolution of consumption methods and marketing techniques, for the consumer's comfort and the improvement of the employees' working conditions

Specify equipment and services for clients near the hotel (parking spaces) and inside.

Innovation of marketing techniques.

Specify the means and facilities improving the employees' working conditions.

IV/ Implementation of the CDEC licence

1. Communication of contracts under Article L 720-7 of the Commercial Code

All contracts of any kind, which relate to the control or development of the land on which the hotel will be developed, including contracts for transfers free of charge, services in kind and intangible consideration, concluded by public or private persons for the pursuance of a project authorised under Article L. 720-5 shall be notified by each contracting party to the Prefect and the regional auditing court.

The notification must be made within 2 months of the date of the conclusion of the contracts, or, if entered into before the grant of the licence, within 2 months of the delivery of the licence. The violation of this provision is subject to a fine of 15,000 €.

2. Substantial changes of the project – New licence application

In case of substantial changes of the project or a change of the commercial name during the review of the application by the CDEC or during the completion of works, a new licence application must be submitted to the CDEC. It must describe the proposed changes and their consequences on the information contained in the initial application or licence.

3. The planning consent application

The planning consent application may only be filed, if it is accompanied by a copy of the registration letter for the hotel business licence application with the CDEC.

The planning consent and hotel business licence applications may be examined simultaneously.

However, under Article L. 720-10 of the Commercial Code, planning permission shall not be granted, construction shall not commence and no new application shall be filed for the same property with the CDEC before the 2 months deadline for appeal expires or, in the event of an appeal, before the decision on appeal by the CNEC (National Commission), which must render its decision within 4 months of the appeal.

In the worst case scenario of an appeal before the CNEC, this means that no planning licence may be delivered before the expiration of a period of 10 months starting from the date of filing of the business licence application with the CDEC, unless the CDEC/CNEC render their decisions within less than 4 months.

Because of the CDEC licence, the duration of the city hall's examination of the planning application is extended from 2 months to 5 months, or 9 months in the event of an appeal before the CNEC.

These time periods set forth in Article R 421-18 of the Code for Urban Planning are subject to changes by Governmental Ordinance nr. 2005-1527 dated December 8, 2005, relating to the planning licence and town planning authorisations and by subsequent decrees.

This Ordinance shall enter into force at a date determined by Decree and on July 1, 2007 at the latest. We are not aware of the publication of any such Decree.

4. Period of validity of the hotel business licence

When a planning permission is needed, a business licence becomes void, if no valid planning application is filed within 2 years from delivery of the licence or if the hotel does not open to the public within 3 years from the delivery of the final planning consent.

5. No new CDEC application for a period of one year

If the application for a hotel business licence is rejected on substantive grounds by the National Commission, no new application may be filed by the same applicant, for the same project, for the same land, for a period of one year from the date of the decision by the National Commission.

6. Sanctions - Penalties

The start of any construction or any hotel operation without a business licence is subject to a daily penalty of 1,500 € per hotel room. A penalty five times higher is applicable to legal entities for the same violations.

7. Notification and publicity of the CDEC decision

The CDEC decision is notified to the applicant by registered letter with return receipt requested before the expiration of the 4 month time period.

It is posted for 2 months at the city of the location of the project and an excerpt is published in 2 local or regional newspapers in the Department.

8. Court cases regarding the commercial business licence

In a significant decision dated May 27, 2002 "SA Guimatho et SA Dijori", the Conseil d'Etat held as follows:

For the implementation of the combined provisions of article 1 of the December 27, 1973 law and articles L. 720-1 to L. 720-3 of the commercial code, it is to the commercial facilities commissions, subject to control by the administrative judge, to determine whether a project which requires a licence may, in the business area concerned, jeopardise the balance sought by the law-makers between the different types of trades and if it does, to determine whether such disadvantage is offset by the positive aspects of the project, in considering , first, its contribution to employment, space planning, competition, the modernisation of commercial facilities and, more generally, the satisfaction of consumers needs and, second, in evaluating its impact on the traffic and parking conditions near the proposed site."

In other words, the Commercial Facilities Commissions must therefore first evaluate the risks of collapse of small businesses and whether the hotel project may jeopardise the balance between the different forms of hotel facilities in the commercial area in question.

(a) This first test is made by comparing the density of hotel facilities in the commercial area with the corresponding average rates at the national and Departmental levels.

The Commissions may not proceed directly with the second step of analysing the positive aspects of the project. They must go through the first step of the analysis beforehand.

On October 25, 2004, the Conseil d'Etat cancelled a licence granted by the CNEC for the creation of a new 70 room 1 star hotel in Lanester, because the CNEC failed to evaluate first whether the project would jeopardise the balance between the different forms of hotel facilities in the area and because it directly mentioned the positive aspects of the project.

(b) If the risk of collapse of small businesses exists, then the Commissions must compare the costs of such risks with the advantages in terms of employment, regional development, competition, modernisation of commercial facilities and, more generally, consumer needs.

Applying this two-step analysis requirement to hotels, the Conseil d'Etat rejected:

- on March 23, 2003, a request for the cancellation of a licence granted for the extension from 41 to 70 rooms of a 1 star Etap hotel in Macon Sud;

- on November 28, 2003, a request for the cancellation of a licence granted for the creation of a new 63 room 2 star hotel in Aurillac.

As one can plainly see, the granting of a commercial business license for a hotel or tourist residence is highly regulated.

Contacts should be taken with the various authorities mentioned above, including the Departmental Chamber of Commerce, the office of the Director of Tourism as well as appropriate representatives of the hotel industry to ascertain their support and assistance in finding a suitable site.

A further note on French law relating to seaside development and the main constraints of applicable town planning provisions.


Annex 1 - Definitions of tourist hotel and tourist residence

Annex 2 – CNEC decision of December 16, 2004

Annex 3 - Hotel classification standards

Annex 1 - Definitions of tourist hotel and tourist residence


Ministerial Order of February 14, 1986, as amended, setting forth the classification standards and procedures for tourist hotels and residences

I. Definitions and classification standards

I- A tourist hotel is a classified commercial lodging establishment, which offers furnished rooms or apartments for rental to a temporary clientele or to a clientele which rents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but which, with some exceptions, does not elect domicile there. It may provide restaurant services. It is run all year on a permanent basis or during one or several seasons only. It is called « seasonal hotel », when it is open for less than nine months per year in one or several periods.

II- a) A tourist residence is a classified commercial lodging establishment, operated on a permanent or seasonal basis. It consists in a homogeneous group of furnished rooms or apartments comprised of apartment buildings or houses, offered for rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to a tourist clientele, which does not elect domicile there. It contains a minimum of common equipment and services. In all cases, it is managed by a sole physical person or legal entity.

b) It may be subject to the co-ownership of real estate regime governed by law no. 65-557 of July 10, 1965, as amended, or the regime governing companies engaged in the time-sharing of real estate, as defined by law no. 86-18 of January 6, 1986, provided that the co-ownership regulations or the documents listed by Article 8 of law no. 86-18 of January 6, 1986 expressly stipulate:

1) The destination and the conditions of use of the private and common parts, which comply with the method of use defined by this article for such type of classification and which include an ongoing rental obligation of not less than nine years for at least 70% of the furnished rooms or apartments, with the right for the co-owners or shareholders of the time-sharing companies to benefit from a preferential reservation;

2) The management of the whole tourist residence by a sole physical person or legal entity, pursuant to a contract or mandate with the co-owners or shareholders of the time-sharing companies.

Arrêté du 14 février 1986 modifié fixant les normes et la procédure de classement des hôtels et des résidences de tourisme

I. Définitions et normes de classement

I. – L'hôtel de tourisme est un établissement commercial d'hébergement classé, qui offre des chambres ou des appartements meublés en location à une clientèle de passage ou à une clientèle qui effectue un séjour caractérisé par une location à la journée, à la semaine ou au mois, mais qui, sauf exception, n'y élit pas domicile. Il peut comporter un service de restauration. Il est exploité toute l'année en permanence ou seulement pendant une ou plusieurs saisons. Il est dit « hôtel saisonnier » lorsque sa durée d'ouverture n'excède pas neuf mois par an en une ou plusieurs périodes.

II. – a) La résidence de tourisme est un établissement commercial d'hébergement classé, faisant l'objet d'une exploitation permanente ou saisonnière. Elle est constituée d'un ensemble homogène de chambres ou d'appartements meublés, disposés en unités collectives ou pavillonnaires, offerts en location pour une occupation à la journée, à la semaine ou au mois à une clientèle touristique qui n'y élit pas domicile. Elle est dotée d'un minimum d'équipements et de services communs. Elle est gérée dans tous les cas par une seule personne physique ou morale;

b) Elle peut être placée sous le statut de copropriété des immeubles bâtis fixé par la loi n° 65-557 du 10 juillet 1965 modifiée ou sous le régime des sociétés d'attribution d'immeubles en jouissance à temps partagé défini par la loi n° 86-18 du 6 janvier 1986, sous réserve que le règlement de copropriété ou les documents prévus par l'Article 8 de la loi n° 86-18 du 6 janvier 1986 prévoient expressément :

1) Une destination et des conditions de jouissance des parties tant privatives que communes conformes au mode d'utilisation défini au présent article pour ce type de classement et comportant une obligation durable de location d'au moins 70% des chambres ou appartements meublés qui ne saurait être inférieure à neuf ans, les copropriétaires ou les associés des sociétés d'attribution pouvant bénéficier d'une réservation prioritaire ;

2) Une gestion assurée pour l'ensemble de la résidence de tourisme par une seule personne physique ou morale, liée par contrat de louage ou mandat aux copropriétaires ou associés des sociétés d'attribution.

Annex 2 – CNEC decision of December 16, 2004





La Commission nationale d'équipement commercial,

VU le code de commerce ;

VU la loi n° 73-1193 du 27 décembre 1973 modifiée d'orientation du commerce et de l'artisanat ;

VU la loi n° 2000-1208 du 13 décembre 2000 relative à la solidarité et au renouvellement urbains;

VU le décret n° 2002-1369 du 20 novembre 2002 relatif aux schémas de développement commercial ;

VU le décret n° 93-306 du 9 mars 1993 modifié relatif à l'autorisation d'exploitation de certains magasins de commerce de détail et de certains établissements hôteliers, aux observatoires et aux commissions d'équipement commercial ;

VU le décret n° 2002-1369 du 20 novembre 2002 relatif aux schémas de développement commercial ;

VU l'arrêté du 12 décembre 1997 fixant le contenu de la demande d'autorisation d'exploitation de certains magasins de commerce de détail ;

VU le recours présenté par la SCI « MILY» et la SA « CHRISTIA », le 13 septembre 2004, ledit recours enregistré le 15 septembre 2004 sous le n° 2459M et dirigé contre la décision de la commission départementale d'équipement commercial du Var en date du 19 juillet 2004 refusant l'extension de 600 m² d'un supermarché à l'enseigne « CHAMPION » d'une surface de vente de 1 200 m², portant cette surface à 1 800 m² à La Crau (Var) ;

VU les travaux de l'observatoire départemental d'équipement commercial du Var ;

Après avoir entendu :

Monsieur Marcel MARMET, gérant de la SCI « MILY » et président du conseil d'administration de la SA « CHRISTIA » ;

Monsieur Patrice ROLLAND, responsable expansion « CHAMPION » ;

Madame Céline FOURDRILIS, chargée de mission « APCM » ;

Monsieur Gérard PELLATI, membre du bureau de la chambre de métiers du Var ;

Monsieur Jean Christophe MARTIN, commissaire du gouvernement ;

Après en avoir délibéré dans sa séance du 16 décembre 2004 ;N°2459 MCONSIDÉRANT que la population de la zone de chalandise a connu une hausse de 18% entre les deux derniers recensements généraux de 1990 et 1999, tandis que celle de la commune d'implantation progressait de 29 % durant la même période ; que la population de la zone rectifiée par le service instructeur de la Direction des entreprises commerciales, artisanales et de services pour y inclure des communes situées à moins de 12 minutes du présent projet, a augmenté de 10,10 % ; que cette zone bénéficie en outre d'un apport touristique important;

CONSIDÉRANT que l'équipement commercial de la zone de chalandise rectifiée se caractérise par la présence d'hypermarchés d'une surface totale de 25 575 m², de supermarchés totalisant 17 136 m² de surface de vente ainsi que des commerces traditionnels ;

CONSIDÉRANT qu'après la réalisation des projets autorisés et du présent projet, la densité commerciale en grande et moyenne surface à dominante alimentaire de la zone de chalandise du demandeur serait inférieure aux moyennes de référence tant nationale que départementale ; que la densité de la zone de chalandise rectifiée par le service instructeur, serait toutefois supérieure aux moyennes de référence nationale et départementale, cette densité devant être relativisée par l'importance de la fréquentation touristique ;

CONSIDÉRANT que l'extension sollicitée de ce supermarché ouvert au public en 1989 contribuerait cependant à limiter l'évasion commerciale vers les principaux pôles des agglomérations d'Hyères, La Valette du Var et Solliès-Pont et bénéficierait ainsi aux commerces traditionnels implantés dans la zone ; que ce projet ne paraît pas par suite susceptible de porter atteinte à l'équilibre entre les différentes formes de distribution de la zone de chalandise;

CONSIDERANT au surplus que ce projet permettra, en modernisant ce supermarché, de stimuler la concurrence avec les autres grandes surfaces de la zone de chalandise au bénéfice des consommateurs locaux ;

DÉCIDE : Le recours susvisé est admis.

Le projet de la SCI «MILY» et la SA «CHRISTIA» est donc autorisé.

En conséquence, est accordée à la SCI «MILY» et la SA «CHRISTIA» l'autorisation préalable requise en vue de l'extension de 600 m² d'un supermarché à l'enseigne « CHAMPION » d'une surface de vente de 1 200 m², portant cette surface à 1 800 m² à La Crau (Var).

La Présidente de la Commission nationale d'équipement commercial

Anne-Marie LEROY




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