“Avocats missionnés ” : consoeurs, confrères, get involved in the Bar Association! My column published in the Bulletin du Bâtonnier of May 12th, 2021

Since 2018, the Paris Bar Association has opened the jobs of commissioned lawyers to all colleagues of the Paris Bar.

This contributes to the transparency of the bar association which is required by the Bar.

It also brings new blood to the Paris Bar Association.

In 2021, in my capacity as MCO, I have the honor to have been appointed, by Batonnier Cousi, Secretary of the Call for Candidates and Commissioned Lawyers Commission.

This Commission belongs to the Finance Department in the organization chart of the Paris Bar Association.

Becoming a lawyer assigned to the Paris Bar Association is a unique opportunity to join the Paris Bar Order and learn about its intricacies and practices.

Becoming a commissioned lawyer also means making new and enriching encounters regardless of the department in which you work.

Becoming a commissioned lawyer also means giving the Order the benefit of your talents and your energy.

Becoming a commissioned lawyer is also an opportunity to improve your professional ethics or the law of liberal collaboration.

During the hearings, we had the pleasure of discovering the fierce will of the candidates to serve and get involved in the Bar Association.

Many of these candidates are unfamiliar with the order and want to find out.

The Bar Association is not a bastion, nor an impregnable tower, the Bar Association of Paris, it's you.

Take your chance and you won't regret it!

Paris Bar needs you!

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Par Frédéric CHHUM

Avocat au barreau de Paris

Membre du Conseil de l’Ordre

Co Secrétaire de la DEC

Secrétaire de la Commission appel à candidature et avocats missionnés

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