CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris Nantes) listed in DECIDEURS 2017 (employees, intermittents du spectacle/ intermittent workers in the entertainment business, journalists, cadres / executives, cadres Dirigeants / senior executives)

DECIDEURS 2017 indicates (cf pdf document below):

TRACK RECORD: CHHUM LAW FIRM initiated 3 « actions conjointes » (collective/ class actions) validated by the Paris Bar.

Such “actions conjointes” were on:

  • cancelation of « cadre dirigeant »/ executive senior manager status,
  • cancelation of “forfait jours”, and
  • reclassification of journalists employed by fix term contracts (CDD) in permanent contract (CDI).

CHHUM AVOCATS obtained the condemnation of a company after moral harassment of a senior executive / cadre dirigeant (the senior executive obtained 209 000 euros) and obtained reinstatement of one of a Lagardère sound engineer after dismissal.

DIFFERENTIATION: CHHUM AVOCATS is well known to defend “intermittents du spectacle” (intermittent workers in the entertainment business) and journalists.

All avocats/ lawyers of CHHUM AVOCATS are bilingual in English. This allows CHHUM AVOCATS to work for an Anglo Saxon clientele.

Since March 1st, 2016, CHHUM AVOCATS opened an office in Nantes (41 quai de la Fosse 44000 Nantes) managed by Maître Camille COLOMBO.

Frédéric CHHUM, Avocats à la Cour (Paris et Nantes)

. Paris : 4 rue Bayard 75008 Paris - Tel: 01 42 56 03 00 ou 01 42 89 24 48
. Nantes : 41, Quai de la Fosse 44000 Nantes -  Tel: 02 28 44 26 44

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