FRENCH LABOUR LAW : CHHUM AVOCATS law FIRM (Paris and Nantes) has obtained the following case law before the labour tribunal (prud’hommes) or before the Court of appeal in the 2nd half of 2017

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1) Law of the entertainment workers (intermittents du spectacle) : an upgrade from fixed-term contracts to permanent contracts

. Reclassification of fixed-term contract into  permanent contract for an entertainment employee (intermittent du spectacle)  at Endemol (CA Paris 4 juillet 2017, arrêt définitif)

. Reclassification of fixed term contract of an Antenna Manager of France 3 Corsica (Via Stella) (CA Paris 18 oct. 2017, arrêt non définitif pourvoi en cassation en cours)

. A stripper of a cabaret obtains 47,000 euros in appeal of the labor courts for reclassification of fixed term contrat, reminder of wages during interstitial periods and concealed work  (CA Paris 19 sept. 2017, arrêt définitsif)

2) Reminder of variable pay / bonuses and unjustified lay-off of a business engineer

. IBM FRANCE business engineer gets € 300,000 at Nanterre labor court for bonus / bonus reminder and abusive lay-off (CPH Nanterre 5 octobre 2017, arrêt définitif)

3) Executive officers: nullity of the status, payment of overtime, co employment, dismissal without cause

. "False" senior executive (cadre dirigeant): a hotel manager obtains the nullity of his senior management status and 105,000 euros of overtime (recognition of co-employment) (CA 15 nov. 2017) (final judgment).

. Executive Director of Ernst & Young gets 166,000 euros on appeal for concealed work (travail dissimulé), moral harassment (harcèlement moral) and judicial termination (CA Versailles 12 oct. 2017, arrêt définitif) (final judgment)

CHHUM AVOCATS defends employees, executives, entertainment workers (intermittent du spectacle),  journalists, executive managers (cadre dirigeant), expatriates, impatriates and seconded employees.

We also plead throughout France (Labor Court, Court of Appeal, Tribunal correctionnel, TGI).

1) Paris

CHHUM AVOCATS pleads before the Courts of Appeal (Paris, Versailles, etc.), before all the labour tribunals of Ile de France (Paris, Melun, Meaux, Fontainebleau, Auxerre, Sens, Creteil, Bobigny, Evry) and all over France (Lyon, Marseille, Lille, etc.).

CHHUM AVOCATS also pleads before the TASS (tribunaux des affaires de sécurité sociale, social security affairs courts) the Tribunal de Grande Instance and the Tribunal correctionnel.

2) Nantes

CHHUM AVOCATS Paris, lawyers in labor law and labor criminal law, has a secondary office in Nantes.

The Nantes office is located at 41, quai de la Fosse in Nantes (infront of the courthouse).

We plead any case related to the Court of Appeal of Rennes, especially for Rennes, Saint-Malo, Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Lorient, Vannes, etc.).

Should you require our services, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frédéric CHHUM, Lawyer (Paris et Nantes)

. Paris : 4 rue Bayard 75008 Paris - Tel: 01 42 56 03 00 ou 01 42 89 24 48
. Nantes : 41, Quai de la Fosse 44000 Nantes -  Tel: 02 28 44 26 44

e-mail : chhum@chhum-avocats.com

Blog : www.chhum-avocats.fr




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