French labour law - Requalification of self-employed entrepreneurs (auto entrepreneurs) as employees (Salariés): CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes Lille) quoted in an article in the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) of September20th 2019

California ratified Wednesday a law requiring Uber to pay in January 2020 drivers who used the digital platform. In France, the transformation of "uberisation", this economic model based on independent workers, is underway.

In its article entitled Towards the end of "uberisation" ?, the Journal quotes Frédéric CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes Lille) as follows:

"A real atomic bomb for the platforms" since "the Court of Cassation decided in this case the question of the existence of a link of subordination uniting the delivery person by bike to Take Eat Easy", summarizes on his blog the lawyer Frédéric Chhum, specialist in labor law.

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To read or reread our article, "Take Eat Easy": a bicycle delivery man is employed according to the Court of Cassation! click on the link below,30125.html#fZPhudt8xoVLb5Ts.99


Frédéric CHHUM, avocat and member of the Paris Bar Council (Conseil de l’ordre des avocats de Paris)

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