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Lyon, 9 novembre 2013 à 21:00


Festival International des Musiques Juives

Chansons séfarades en terres balkanes


Milena Jeliazkova, soprano.

Milena Roudeva, contralto.

Martine Sarazin, soprano.

Marie Scaglia, mezzo.

David Bruley, percussions.

Les Juifs séfarades, originaires d'Espagne, ont essaimé dans tout l'empire ottoman après leur expulsion en 1492. Ils sont partis avec leur musique et leurs chants. Cette tradition musicale, chantée le plus souvent en Ladino, la langue des Juifs d'Espagne, a souvent croisé les traditions musicales autochtones: Grèce, Turquie, Serbie, Bulgarie, ... il existe par ailleurs une tradition de chants polyphoniques en Bulgarie.

Le Quatuor Les Balkanes, spécialisé dans ces chants polyphoniques a capella, a accepté la demande du festival, parrainé par notre association, de créer des versions polyphoniques de ces chansons séfarades. Il s'agit réellement de la rencontre de deux traditions musicales fortes pour une création de toute beauté.

Voir le programme sur le site de l'organisateur

Informations pratiques

Lieu : Espace Hillel -Lyon

Adresse : 113, boulevard Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon

Renseignements :


Pour s'y rendre :

Autobus : C6, C11, C25, arret Felix Faure-Viver Merle

Métro : D, station Garibaldi et B, station Part-dieu

Parking : Parking de la Part-Dieu (1000 m)

Attention : Prix: 20€, Tr: 15€ et étudiants: 12€. Réservation:


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Fathers' Claims Against Israeli Officials Fail in US Court

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on November 6, 2013 2:54 PM

Three fathers filed suit against Israelis officials including two former cabinet-level Ministers, a current Israel Supreme Court Justice, and a current Haifa Rabbinical Court District Judge, all because they were unhappy with the outcome of their child custody proceedings, claiming that Israeli family law unfairly discriminates against fathers. Their litigious grasp also ensnared three non-profit organizations who they accused of "financing radical feminism."

Models of Fatherly Love

Sharon Ben-Haim alleged that his wife kidnapped their child from the U.S. and brought the child to Israel. His beef with the Israeli officials is that "they failed to take action to abolish institutionalized policies elevating the rights of mothers over the rights of fathers." Gamliel Elmalem, alleged among other things, that his arrest for domestic violence in Israel was unlawful. Finally, Sol Havivi claimed that the threat of forced medication and treatment of his children amounted to his own "abuse" and "torture."

The trio of fathers initiated an action in U.S. District Court alleging, among other things violations of the Alien Tort Statute ("ATS") and the Torture Victim Protection Act ("TVPA"). The district court granted defendants' motion for summary judgment for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and failure to state a claim. The Third Circuit affirmed -- here's why.

Kiobel is Determinative

Regarding the ATS claim, the Supreme Court's recent decision in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. was determinative. In Kiobel, the Supreme Court "held that the ATS does not apply when all of the relevant conduct took place outside the United States." Here, all of the conduct took place in Israel, and under Kiobel, the ATS did not apply.

No Torture Here

Melodrama? Yes. Torture? No. The Third Circuit noted that torture usually involves "allegations of extreme, deliberate, or unusually cruel practices." Here, Havivi did not claim physical or mental harm. Instead, he argued that the threat of his children's forced medication and psychiatric treatment "tortured" him. The court didn't buy it.

This case may serve as a lesson for mothers, and fathers, alike. Perhaps if as much effort was put into parenting, as it was in litigation, children would fare far better. Because ultimately, isn't the child's well being what is really important?

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